About My Services

From Monday to Friday I pick up your dog at your home or office and then bring it back tired, satisfied and busy.


Each dog has its own box in my air-conditioned vehicle where it goes towards the woods and meadows for a walk. We look for beautiful excursion routes over fields, meadows and forests where it is possible to allow freedom, to sniff extensively, dig, train dexterity, play and experience social contact in the group. With this versatile program, signals such as walking, waiting, staying, calling back, etc. are set up and / or consolidated in a playful way at the same time.


The pick-up and return service is completed with a towel service, treats and water for the dog as well as lots of fun and passion on my part!


Before your dog starts with me in the group for the first time, we will arrange an appointment to get to know you beforehand. At this appointment I will come to your place and we will all get to know each other (dog and human), you tell me about your fur nose and their do & don'ts and at the same time you will get a personal impression of me.